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The Curtain Falls On Oswestry Arts Association

At the Annual General Meeting of Oswestry Arts Association held on 6th September 2016, the decision was taken to dissolve the Association and relinquish its charitable status.

Oswestry and District Arts Association was formed in 1974, as a way to promote and support the Arts in the Oswestry area and its Districts.  Over the past 42 years, the Association, as well as being a hub for support and guidance, has made grants to individuals and groups totaling £128,454 and addition to this, the bursary scheme has given out bursaries totaling over £7,500.

In the 2014/15 financial year the Association saw the withdrawal of most of the money it received  to distribute in grants to Arts projects in the area dry up from everyone with the exception of Oswestry Town Council, who we would like to thank for the continued support both financial and practical over the years.

The withdrawal of those grants from our funding bodies, was caused by the cuts in Central Government funding to Local Authorities and nothing at all to do with the way the Association had conducted its business. It did mean however that the Association had to suspend the general grants it made to applicants to the Association for funding.

As an Association we decided that we would use the limited funds we had to maintain the bursary scheme which has proved very popular over the past few years and helped some of our younger citizens be able to achieve their dream of progressing in their chosen field of the arts.

At the time of the grant withdrawal, it was suggested by some members that without outside funding there would be very little scope for the Association to continue. However, we did decide to see what could be done in terms of the Association becoming more of an enabling body, rather than just a grant giving body.  Over the past eighteen months the Association has been trying to find new and innovative ways, to place the Association within the current climate and the huge reduction in funds we had available.

Sadly it proved to be impractical to try and continue in this manner and so the Executive Committee recommended to the A.G.M. that the Association was dissolved.

The decision was backed unanimously.

The Association does a little money left in its account which it must distribute, before it can be dissolved and as such it is going to hold one last round of grant applications.

Applications for a small monetary grant are invited from anyone (individual or group).
Anyone  may apply for a grant, provided the intended project is in the Arts (of any form) either in Oswestry T.C. area, involves the people of Oswestry T.C. area.

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